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A2Z Accounting & Book Keeping

AtoZ Accounting solution is part of the AtoZ Group of companies, which provides all the services you could ever need, under one roof.

Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting is the keystone of any well-run organization. We ensure high precision, error-free accounting and financial administration. From bookkeeping to cash flow management, raw data collecting to important insights, and invoicing to smart reporting, we've got you covered. We work in concert with your system. All you have to do now is concentrate on making critical and wise selections that will help you succeed.


VAT Registration includes tax group registration with FTA. VAT consultancy services includes VAT return filing, VAT impact study, verifying the compliance with UAE VAT law Regulations, filing VAT Refund and VAT De-registration application, submission of VAT re-consideration to the Federal Tax Authority requesting for the waiver of penalty charged on non-compliance of the UAE VAT Regulation.

CFO Services

Management decisions demand a thorough examination of data, which requires information that is readily available at the touch of a button. When you outsource your CFO Service at an inexpensive monthly rate, you will receive cash flow reports and accounts payable and receivable aging, as well as a cheque payable and cash receipt journal.

Bank Account

We have experienced team to opening various types of personal and corporate bank accounts in the UAE, as well as our strong relationships with the UAE's top banks, to assist our clients in meeting all of the requirements for a successful bank account opening in the UAE.

Payroll Accounting

Payroll accounting is the process of calculating, managing, recording, and analyzing the compensation of employees. It covers an employee's base pay as well as various types of compensation earned during their employment

You Invoice, We collect

A new customer's risk evaluation accordingly, we could suggest to set a credit limit and recommend appropriate credit options such as PDCs, LCs, Open credit, cash, and etc, in order to recover debt on time and shorten the collection period. And ensure minimum of doubtful debt by regular follow up and advising on a routine basis.

Budgeting and Forecasting

In today's highly competitive market, businesses understand that their plans, budgets, and predictions must represent current reality rather than reality from two, three, or more quarters ago. Financial forecasting estimates the amount of revenue or income that will be achieved in the future period, whereas budgeting quantifies the anticipation of revenues that an organization aims to attain for a future time.

Accounting/ERP Training

On the job accounting/ERP training ranging from data input through account closing to meet the needs of varied industries. Make capable of preparing MIS reports for various management levels and assists in the transformation of the accounts department into a profit center.

Internal Audit Services

Internal audit service can provide senior management with complete risk management, control, monitoring, and security enhancement. Internal auditing services can help you make better, more informed judgments by appreciating and implementing them.

Monthly MIS Reporting

The fundamental goal of MIS reports is to compare the performance of defined criteria to the performance of business operations. This aids in the analysis of a company's success in terms of revenue, orders, customer queries, HR indices, employee performance, and attrition, as well as the progressive adoption of new procedures to improve performance.

Reconciliation-Accounts/POS Machine

Account reconciliation is a key activity for both organizations and individuals since it allows them to check for fraudulent activity and avoid financial statement inaccuracies. Reconciliation is mostly done at regular intervals, such as monthly or quarterly, as part of the routine accounting procedures.

Insurance & Finance

Foreseeing and assessing insurance needs like policy renewals by gathering information from clients. Researching insurance companies’ policies and negotiating with insurance companies to find the most suitable insurance for clients at the best price.

Inventory Physical Verification

Physical verification of inventory should be a frequent practice in any business. Our services encompass the entire inventory verification process and will help you cut down on unnecessary stock maintenance while building a more effective supply chain system.

Chart Of Accounts

A chart of accounts is a list of all the financial accounts in a company's general ledger. Briefly, it is an organizational tool that breaks down all the company's financial transactions into subcategories and presents them in an easily understandable format. This service is prescribed for organizations that require timely information for decision-making.

Feasibility study

It includes, Industry & Competitors' Analysis, Assesses the economic viability of the proposed venture, SWOT analysis, forecast about the funding required, the type of funds, projected P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows etc, detailing the assumptions made in the study, sensitivity analysis, and graphical presentation of key financial data, Customer Analysis

Assistance for AUDIT

A statutory audit is an external examination of a company's or organisation's financial statements. The approved auditor's job is to help and report on whether a company's financial accounts are 'true and fair' and comply with all relevant guidelines and regulatory requirements. As a result, businesses can mitigate risk and plan for the future.

Assistance for ICV Certification

ICV is a certificate that is issued to certified suppliers. It evaluates their contribution to the local economy. Certified suppliers will gain advantages during the award of tenders and contracts based on their ICV score. It is a UAE government program.

Assist for Tax Agent service

A Tax Agent is a person registered with the FTA, who can be appointed by a Taxable Person to represent him/her before the FTA and assist in fulfilling his/her tax obligations and exercising his tax rights.

A2Z Group Services

A2Z Business Solutions provides a comprehensive range of business services to help you achieve business success.


  • Corporate & Personal Debt Collection
  • Settlement of Credit cards and other Bank debts
  • Execution of UAE court -judgment in India
  • Debt Negotiation & Settlement
  • Overseas debt collection
  • All Legal actions via law firm
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  • Business Setup
  • Attestation Services
  • PRO Services
  • Corporate Advice
  • Sponsorship & Side Agreements
  • Business Contracts
  • Visa Services
  • Labor Contracts
  • Joint Ventures & Partnerships
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  • Online & Offline marketing and Advertising Solutions
  • Print Media
  • Branding
  • Logo Creation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Designing
  • Social Media Promotions Brochures/Flyers
  • Photography and Videography
  • SEO Services
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  • Accounting & Book Keeping.
  • You Invoice, We Collect
  • VAT Registration to De-Registration
  • Bank account opening (Business, Personal)
  • CFO Services
  • Other associate accounting services
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  • Outsourced Employees
  • Contract Staffing
  • HR Outsourcing Services
  • Recruitment Services
  • Workforce Planning
  • Executive positions
  • Operational and administrative positions MEP skilled staff